Thursday Bits and Bobs

Well done to the team playing Bishop Duppas yesterday.  I gather it was an honourable draw.  Top rink winners haven’t filtered through yet but I think it was a win in that it didn’t rain!  I would like to report that after our Centenary match tomorrow but I looked at the Met Office app this morning.  Oh dear!

Anyway, a bit of wet won’t stop us having a good time with each other.  Bring plenty of cloths and waterproofs and a sense of humour.  We have spent  years playing outdoor bowls in the sun, the rain, storms, hail, so whatever the weather, it won’t be a new sensation!

The rhododendrons and tree arrived from Squires on Monday and, although in pots,  all need proper planting.  Ange has volunteered Scott to dig a hole for the tree.  I don’t know if he knows that yet!  Anyone else fancy a bit of planting?  There are a couple of tall pots and a medium pot, two fuschias and some bedding plants to go in.  I’ll be going down tomorrow morning to do a bit.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.



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