Rain Stopped Play and the Answer to the Whisky Pairs Question!

What a wash out of a Friday!  Goodness me.  I don’t think we’ll have to water the gardens for a week!

I haven’t bothered to ask Alexa (She’s still sulking anyway.) but the Met Office states it’s not going to rain on Saturday until 5.00 pm.  Anyone taking bets?!

We shall do our best against Bishop Duppas in the South Middlesex League as will the men in the Double Rink v Ashford in the morning.  Do come along to the club and give the chaps your support.  Play starts at 10.00 am.  It’s only 15 ends plus trial ends, so don’t leave it too late!

Lovely email from Andrew Taylor today, who many of you will remember.

From Andrew Taylor in Sussex!
I keep in touch with CP affairs via this site and wanted to wish you all the best for your centenary. With all the news of the county comps it seems the club is blooming.
In response to Dawn’s post of June 9 re Whisky Pairs … the sponsors of the competition were (still are?) the producers of White Horse Whisky and I recall losing in the semi-final one year and receiving a bottle of the sponsors’ finest to help dull the pain.
Please give my regards to anyone who knows or might remembers me

Thanks, Andrew.  Good to hear from you and I hope your competitions are going well.  Maybe some of us weill play against you when the President’s Indoor Tour (or should that be the Indoor President’s Tour) heads down your way in 2022?

Best wishes to you from all of us!

Laurence & Kevin L are still in the Whisky Pairs.  They managed to get their first round in early and don’t have to play the second one until 9th August deadline.  They could face Dave P & partner.  The final isn’t until the end of September when I’m sure a nip of White Horse would go down well with any of us as the autumn starts to draw in.  We’ll bring our own whisky glasses to toast their success!

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  1. Jean Staples says:

    Terrible rain today so Ann couldn’t play Marion in over 55’s singles ! Yes I remember Andrew very well and Norman does too ! Hope it doesn’t rain in morning for our Men’s D R and Jean Nadine V Dawn Trish in BE senior pairs after all our lovely hot weather !

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