Sad Start to 2021 with the Loss of Kath Wilson

Although we haven’t seen her for a year or more, Kath was a regular supporter at nearly all of Ken’s matches for years and years and years.  Both were very good friends with Brenda and Dave S with whom they regularly shared leisure time.  I’m sure a certain curry house in Surbiton was favoured monthly at least!

Kath was quite frail for many years but Ken brought her along to all of his games even when she had been registered blind and could see virtually nothing.    She sat alongside Rink 4 for the final few months that Ken was playing.  He cared for her at home right up until he went into hospital himself.  True devotion.  Kath passed away yesterday in a nursing home.  Unfortunately, due to Covid restrctions, neither Brenda nor Dave S were able to see her over the last few months, just Kath’s daughter.  It has been and still is so hard for those with loved ones in care/residential/nursing homes over the last 10 months.

Ken used to play cricket (as well as bowls) at Lensbury.  In those days, Kath used to stay at home while he played.  It is reported that she would ring in the later part of the afternoon and ask to speak to Ken.  On one occasion the reply came back.  “He’s just gone into bat.”  Quick as a flash, Kath responded “Oh, well I’ll hang on then as he won’t be long.”!

It’s good to have a sense of humour!

Kath will be sadly missed by her family and friends and we send our condolences to her son, daughter and their families as well as Brenda and Dave.

For newer members to the Club, Ken’s memorial bench is the lightest in colour at the Club.  It arrived before the outdoor season and was much used by our socially distanced spectators, so many thanks again to the family for their kind donation.

RIP Kath, back with Ken again.


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