Anyone Have Square Eyes Yet?!

Great to have the bowls via the internet.  I seem to have watched four games already.

If you can watch on YouTube or another catch up system, Paul Foster and Alex Marshall played a brilliant game.  Who wouldn’t want a lead playing shots like that every end?  Hands up those who would like to be able play consistent shots like those as lead for a partner or team?!

More games today.  If you have  smart TV, watching via YouTube with a full screen is brilliant.

Nick Brett broke his arm when he slipped in the wet playing golf, if you hadn’t heard the reason why he wasn’t playing.  It’s good to hear him in the commentary box though.  He said “I have the face for radio”!

Keep following the guidelines – handwashing, face coverings, space and staying at home where possible, but don’t forget to get out for some fresh air* and Vitamin D each day.  All are important!  -1C out there today, so wrap up warmly!


*Joan O’N is doing 22 laps of her garden every day to clock up one mile.  Well done.  Bernard is also going out for a walk every day and delivering the papers and stopping for coffee with  Joan on Saturdays (support bubble).

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