Monday Again!

Seventh Day of this lockdown.  Can’t believe we haven’t completed a full week yet.  If the November lockdown dragged, this one might drag more … unless we find some things to do.

  1.  Keep watching the World Bowls Championships on Facebook or YouTube – they’re only17 days in total and that’ll be it for another year, so good to make the most of them.  Some brilliant shots and a few ends which were dreadful – even by our standards!  The players are human and cannot play perfect bowls every time.  That’s ok!
  2. Cooking for the freezer.  If you live on your own and cook a recipe for four.  You could eat one, save one for the next day and freeze the rest in two separate portions.  I never quite get around to freezing so by the time it gets to the fourth of fifth consecutive day, it’s original appeal has definitely gone!  Baking cake recipes.  Far too dangerous!
  3. Getting out in the fresh air.  It’s good for the brain and helps switch off from other news.  If you suddenly get a NHS Trck & Trace message and have to self-isolate, wouldn’t  you miss be able to get out?
  4. Music.  Sing along with Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, Adele, the London Philharmonic or Gareth Malone’s choirs.
  5. Find something to laugh at.  Another thing that makes us all feel better.  Look up a film or tv episode that makes you laugh- Del Boy falling through the bar in Only Fools and Horses, Dad’s Army.  Dinner Ladies. Keeping up Appearances.  Tom & Jerry made my Dad laugh so much that on one occasion he actually spat out a mouthful of tea.  If you remember my Dad, you’ll find it hard to believe.  That memory makes me laugh!
  6. Over to you …..
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