World Bowls Schedule – Tuesday 12th January

In case you hadn’t realised the World Bowls Championships are on at Potters in Norfolk,  yesterday afternoon saw Greg Harlow & Ellen Falkner go through to the Final of the Open Pairs to play Mark Royal & Jamie Chesney next Monday.

There are four matches today which you can watch via the World Bowls Facebook page or on YouTube World Bowls.  Matches will be on BBC2 next week!

Ellen is back on the portable rink this morning at 10.00 am playing Mervyn King ranked at 9 in the Open SIngles.

At 2.00 pm, Mark Dawes (Eng) plays Darren Weir (Scotland)

At 3.45 pm Les Gillett (Eng) plays Perry Martin (Eng)

At 7.30 pm Mark Royal (Eng) takes on Damian Doubler (Wales)

Nick Brett is not playing as he broke his right arm slipping on the golf course.  He has been in the commentary box, which is good!  If you’re looking for tactics and decisions on shots to improve your own game, test yourself.  What shot would you play and then see if that was the experts do!


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  1. Kevin Keown says:

    It was good to watch a couple of matches on the tv via You Tube this afternoon. I knew we bought the smart TV for a reason all I needed was a bit of help from Jason on how to get there!
    Kevin K

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Glad you found the bowls on your Smart TV. At least you had Jason handy and didn’t have to get the 5 year old from next door to find YouTube for you!
      Enjoy the bowls while you recuperate and don’t overdo it. (nag, nag, nag)

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