Saturday 10th July – A Big Day for Some

… for anyone getting married, giving birth, going on holiday OR playing in the Johns’ Trophy or Middleton Cup matches v Kent whether it be the first time or not OR the Club’s South Middlesex League match away to Stanwell!

Gordon is match captain for the Club game and has organised the teams with Kevin’s help, so, in no particular order

Tricia, Steve G, Steve P, Stella K, Lucy, Sarah, Dave W, Kevin, Gordon, Ray, Roy and Brian N.  Play starts at 2.30 pm at Stanwell.

For Dave P, it’s the Middleton Cup v Kent.  A 10.00 am start for him right over near Southend.  Hope he had an early night!

For Ann H, Nadine, Jean, Cathy, Ange, Tina and Dawn, we’re heading over to Suttons in Surrey for our match v Kent at 1.30 pm.  Jean and Nadine are on the same rink, Cathy and Tina on another, Ann and Dawn on another and Ange is with the other Dawn from Rosedale Park.  Obviously we all have 2 others on each of our rinks as well!

Good luck to everyone playing.  Remember every single shot counts towards a win. so may your bowls land near the jack and stay there!

For those of you staying indoors, you have the Wimbledon Final for the Ladies to watch.

Thinking of other sports, did anyone see that absolutely brilliant catch by the Indian fielder in the England/India Womens’ match?  It was totally amazing!  I am told they practise doing that.  Hopefully you can view via the link here  Rain stopped play soon after but England had the win when all the scores were worked out.

For those of you expecting to see the South MIddlesex league match v Hounslow Cons on Sunday afternoon, unfortunately someone in their club has tested positive, so the team are not coming over to us after all.  We wish the person well and a speedy recovery.


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