Is It Coming Home?

The hype today will definitely be focussed on tonight’s Euros Final rather than the Wimbledon Men’s Final, I’m sure.

Let’s hope the boys win!  Anyone placing bets on the score?

If you didn’t watch yesterday’s Ladies Final, it would be worth watching on catch up.  There were some incredible rallies with both girls covering all parts of the court.  Croatia celebrated the Men’s Pairs Championship.  That was another cracking match.

I hope the Men’s Final isn’t a damp squid after all that!  We have 3 of the four finalists in the Mixed Pairs Final this afternoon too.  A big day for England sport!

A very good win forCambridge Park in the South Middlesex League yesterday.  Well done to Gordon and the team.

On the County front, the girls lost by 3 shots overall which is incredibly disappointing.  Ange, in her first Johns Trophy match was on the top rink with Dawn (Rosedale Park), Wanda (North London) and skip Rose (Rosedale Park).  Well done to them.  Mandy (Ladygate) and Ann H both skipped winning rinks, so well done to them.  None of the losing rinks lost by more than a couple of shots, so it really was a close game.

The Middlesex Middleton Cup team didn’t fare as well, going down by  20 points to Kent.  Well tried lads.

As the Hounslow Cons match has been cancelled, there is nothing officially laid on today, but the weather seems good, so go down and have a roll up!

I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show.

Enjoy your Sunday !

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