Sunday 26th November- Mixed Friendly v London Civil Service

We’re looking forward to playing our friends from London Civil Service this afternoon starting at 2:00 pm

Also a reminder that the Club will be closed around 7:00 pm, so if you need to drop anything off, please do so before then!

There are no leagues this coming week as 50 or so of us are off on tour to Potters. However the morning and afternoon roll ups will run as usual but there will be lots of times when rinks are free to book, so grab a friend or two and have a bit of fun trying out new shots or just improving consistency.
Our rink yesterday were beaten (just) by a team of chaps who played more consistently overall than we did. We played some great shots, but a consistent base is a very good place to start when it comes to bowls. Aim to get your first bowl just behind the jack, not a yard short. I’m probably not the only person who can put my hand up for being a yard short in a first bowl!

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