Sunday Afternoon – The Final Finals for 2024

What a great end to Finals Weekend.
First to finish were Teresa and Ange for the Ladies Championship. Teresa got off to a good start and despite Ange fighting back, Teresa held on.

Next to finish was the Men’s Championship between Andy H and Peter J, in his third final of the weekend. With two wins under his belt, Peter tried to make it three with some terrific draws and the odd running shot. However, Andy was also on his A game staying cool, calm and collected as he drew to the jack most ends, attacked Peter’s bowls with controlled weight when necessary even though not every attempt was successful. He pulled ahead with Peter digging deep and coming back. An unfortunate nibble on the jack when Peter was holding two and coming in for three pushed the jack just far enough to be nearest to Andy’s back bowl. An unlucky outcome.
It was a great game and definitely worthy of a final with Andy coming out on top.

The last event of the weekend was the MIXED Drawn Pairs. The girls did enter but so did plenty of men so it was really a Drawn Pairs competition. Hey, who cares?  The competition saw unusual pairings but most of them worked.
Dave P & Duncan settled down against John E & Karen who were both playing in their first final. Duncan was in his second and Dave in his third CP final of the weekend and 5th day of competition in a row if you count the Nationals in Nottingham!

it was intense and fun. Karen willing John on to cut down the oppositions’ number of scoring bowls. “Come on sweetheart.” “Take your time on the mat”. “ Don’t worry, you’ve got another bowl “

Alas, for Karen & John, even some of their best shots were picked off by Madame Pitt. It was Mr Pitt up until the 11th end when Karen decided to add a bit of spice to the match and Dave willingly joined in!

Great game played in the right spirit and gave much enjoyment to the crowd watching as Dave & Duncan took the trophy.

And finally (to quote Trevor MacDonald), the proceedings came to a conclusion.
Very many thanks to Stella, our Competition Secretary aided on the computer with David R and for this weekend by Peter C as chief host; to Brian C and Jacqui in the kitchen as ace sandwich makers/tea-coffee makers/washer-uppers and Brian’s daughter slaving over a hot oven making wonderful muffins; to Jane keeping everyone hydrated with non tea/coffee drinks; to Kevin K and Dawn for marking all the singles matches; to Vic P who came as umpire for this afternoon; and to all the club members, family and friends who came along to support, watch and cheer. It just wouldn’t have been the same without you.
We have a great Club and long may it continue!

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