Sunday Morning Winners

Two good matches with the Ladies Pairs going to the final end with Ann H & Tina trailing by 3 going into 18th end and superb bowling by Tina displacing Tricia’s shot bowl gave Ann & Tina a match holding position with 5!  Teresa geared herself up and her first bowl missed the jack but her second cleverly took the jack into the ditch and secured the win.

Meabwhile in rink 3, the (all male) Mixed Open Triples was taking place and this was a bit more of a one-sided affair. It wasn’t that Gary, Peter M & Gordon were playing badly but they were outbowled by Peter J, Ian D & Steve G.
Gary kept the match going by killing the 16th end twice (Duncan was very pleased that the coaching advice and training he had given Gary which Gary had subsequently practised on his own had paid off!) but it was still a hill too far to climb to get near the eventual winners.

Well played all of you.  The crowd enjoyed both matches.

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