THE BIGGY – Ladies v Gents – Saturday 25th September – Home at 2.30 pm

Here we go!

Dress Code Whites/Centenary or Club Shirts.  Match Fee £5 – including food – make sure you sign up on the clubhouse notice!

Apart from the Triples, we will draw for who plays who on Saturday.

LADIES – Captain:  Dawn


1. Geraldine Hermitage 1. Janice Martin
2. Gill Chapman 2. Linda Major
3. Corale Canard 3. Margaret Barnes
Skip: Cathy Taylor Skip: Ann Halliday
1. Audrey Hay 1. Stella Kyriazis
2. Corrine O’Brien 2. Joan O’Neill
3. Marie Curry 3. Brian(na) Noel
Skip: Dawn Slaughter Skip: Ange Cumine
1.Tricia Green  
2. Stella Spaulding  
Skip: Lucy Horan  


 MEN – Captain:  Gordon

1. Brian Curwood 1. Tony O’Brien
2. Roy Ebinezar 2. Bernard Chapman
3. Anthony Headland 3. George Hughes
Skip: Gym Brown Skip: Laurie Gasgoine


1. Ray Verralls 1. Steve Penninngton
2. Scott Cumine 2. Kevin Conway
3. Peter Archer 3. Peter Chapman
Skip:Brian Crickmay Skip: Richard Hermitage
1.Gordon Macleod  
2. Barry Langley  
Skip: Laurence Gatfield  

 Captain:  Gordon

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  1. Norman says:

    I am sorry I am not playing on Saturday as I am overseas.I look at the gentleman’s team and I see quality everywhere and have no doubt that we will be victorious.I was going to say Goodwick but we do not need luck to win this.Show no mercy.

  2. Jeanstaples says:

    Really hope you girls win on Saturday – i don’t see why not we have good players who will not give up!! Look forward to hearing the results !!

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