A Poem Arrived on a Breeze!

Ann B kindly sent this in for our ladies.  Actually I think it works quite well for our chaps too!



An anonymous  non-rhyming poem for the ‘silver aged’

Remember that we old folks are worth a fortune

with silver in our hair, gold in our teeth,

stones in our kidneys, lead in our feet and gas in our stomachs.


While I have become a little older since I saw you last,

I have become quite a frivolous old girl, having two gentlemen with me all the time …

Will Power helps me get out of bed and Arthur Ritis never leaves me alone.


The priest came to call the other day and said at my age 

I should be thinking of the hereafter.

I told him I do that all the time no matter where I am –  

In the living room, the study, in the kitchen or upstairs, I always ask myself …

“What am I here … after?”

Thanks, Ann.

More food for thought with today’s news is that every club member should have their first dose of vaccination by mid March … apart from Scott, our youngest member!  Your time will come, Scott, but in the meantime keep on doing what you’re doing  Thank you for all those little tasks you’ve been doing to help us out at the club (e.g. sweeping and leaf clearing is greatly appreciated) and saves our backs from Arthur Ritis although maybe not from the ABC Clinic!


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