I Would Have Executed that Shot Perfectly!

I refer of course to the brilliant ones as well as the ones a yard short of the jack!

Yesterday, one of the commentators was mentioning that practice sessions on the portable rink can only be 2 at a time (those in support bubble) instead of the usual 4 and someone had booked an 11.30 pm slot last night.  I sent a text to Dave P.  He said “It was worth the 4 hour drive for 2 hours’ practice!”  He was joking, although maybe at some point …..

Another interesting comment by Nick Brett in answer to a question was that he likes to play competitive bowls all the time be it national, county, club or internal leagues.  He will practise if there is nothing else going on but said you can draw to the jack all the time (he maybe able to) on your own but you need to be able to do it consistently under pressure.  Not quite so easy.

Anyway, today’s matches

10.00 am  Julie Forrest (Scotland and Ladies World Champion) plays Jason Banks (Scotland)

2.00 pm  Greg Harlow (Eng) plays Andy Thompson MBE (Eng) – ooh, be still my beating heart!  For those of you who have toured to Potters, we have met these two regularly, so we can probably identify more with this match, knowing their personalities.

7.30 pm David Gourlay (Scotland) plays Scott Edwards (Eng).  Scott has played in several Open Singles Circuit tournaments, so another familiar face.


The World Bowls Tour is different from the EIBA.  Anyone can apply to enter the tournaments but you have to win 3 (I think) before you get invited to the finals.  Bearing in mind the calibre of players, 3 wins is tough.  With virtually no indoor bowls since last March and some of the usual players from overseas being unable to travel to the UK, the Championships are made up from the top players from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

There are a few ladies in the Open Singles.  Ellen Falkner and Katherine Rednall were the only two in the Open Pairs.  The Ladies have their own singles competition, so you’ll see a few more and the Mixed Pairs starts tomorrow morning.

The Final of the Open Pairs where Ellen Falkner and Greg Harlow take on Mark Dawes and Jamie Chestney is at 2.00 pm on Monday and should also be covered by the BBC as well as Facebook and YouTube.

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