An Englishman’s Castle is his Home but …

A Woman’s Hair is her Crowning Glory.  Agreed?

Are either statement more important than the other?

Scott lives in a very nice home with his Mum and his Dad.  They all get on very well.

However, if he makes a mess of colouring (and possibly cutting) Ange’s hair today, he could be banned to the castle’s tower until his own hair grows long enough for him to be rescued by a young damsel.  In other words, his castle would become his prison!


We wish you the best of luck, Scott!  Before and after photos required, of course!


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One comment

  1. Scott Cumine says:

    The young lad was ready for the challenge as he wielded his tools, sharpened his blade and naturally his wit as he readied himself for his most dangerous mission yet!

    The end result shall be revealed soon

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