You Say Tomaytoes and Dave Willis Says Tomartoes

That is what the song sort of says!

Anyway, Dave W and his wife and grown a lot of tomato plants from seeds ready for the St Georges Day Fair, which, you will appreciate, didn’t happen.

They have around 100 plants for those who would like to grow tomatoes – either Cerise, a cherry tomato,  and the popular Moneymaker (not the best name in the due to the fair being cancelled) variety.  They will go in pots on windowsills if you don’t have any outside space.

Please let me know if you would like some and we’ll work out whether it would be easier to collect from Dave’s front path or for me to deliver.

Thanks to Ange for relieving Joan O’N of some of the rhubarb which was theatening to take over the whole garden!  I believe some will be turned into crumble.  Get the custard in!

On a sadder note, Chris C from Teddington, sent me an email to say that Beryl Bird had passed away on Saturday.  She had been very poorly.  I asked Chrs to pass on our condolences to Beryl’s family and fellow Teddington bowlers.


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