Time to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks?

Firstly let me say that I do not class any of you as “old dogs” but we’re all getting on a bit in years!

Sarah H kindly sent me the link to FREE online Open University Courses  and wondered if any of the you might be interested  There are hundreds!!  Some last an hour , some2, 3, 4 or even 25 hours.  Click the link and look down the list and have a go at something.

Both Gerry and George are well and have not yet bumped into each other in the Woodland Gardens in Bushy Park!  And for those of you asking, yes, Ann B can’t wait to get to her hairdresser and I’m sure she is not the only one!  After 8-12 weeks everyone is going to know what everyone’s real hair colour is!  My eldest son has had a nickname of Shaggy when he lets his hair grow out.  It’s a good job his partner doesn’t lookk anything like Scoobedoo!
In Spain hairdressers were allowed to open as it was considered an essential service.
Joan O’N has been busy in her garden and will be running her own farm shop by mid summer if everything comes up, I should think!  She has mountains of rhubarb.  Please let me know if you would like any as I can collect and deliver. dawnslaughter60@icloud..com
Ann D has been busy with sewing and crocheting headbands and making scrubs bags for nurses at Teddington Hospital.  Have any others thought about being able to produce some?  Need any help?  Please let me know.
We have 3 lots of duvet covers/sheets for Jill G’s U3A group to turn into scrubs.  Anyone else had a chance to check their linen cupboard yet?
Week 5 of lockdown, so we’re getting there.  The curve of cases and deaths looks as if could be flattening as it was hoped so keep up with the handwashing, the social distancing and phoning a friend.  We’re going to get through this together.
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  1. Ange says:

    Went to Joan’s yesterday and picked up some rhubarb. So going to make crumble on Wednesday. If anyone would like some, let me know!
    Well done Dawn for keeping this communication going, it can’t be easy to be positive all the time !
    More importantly you are working full time on holiday refunds. That can’t be easy either!

    Thanks for input and keeping us all connected!

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