It’s the Weekend Again, the End of the Indoor Season – League Results

This week would seen the Indoor Section AGM but obviously it wasn’t possible to have the meeting.

You’ve had Ange’s Competitions Report.  Here is David ‘s League Secretary’s Report.  Well done to all the winners adn runners up!


Cambridge Park League Secretary’s 2020 Report


  • Up until the season was cut short by coronavirus, the leagues were doing well and members were having a lot of fun! There was an expansion in the number of teams playing this year and we now played every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, instead of just alternate ones. The afternoon leagues proved particularly popular with 8 teams in each, so those afternoons had a great atmosphere with all rinks in use


  • Only in the Friday league did less teams take part this year, but still 4 teams played.  Next year it would be good to expand Fridays back to 6 teams. The Thursday UNO league did cease to operate in the season, so we will also need to consider how to use that club night next season


  • In total 38 teams took part in the leagues, compared to 32 last year, and entry fees raised £520 (£444 last year), aside from any green fees and bar income that they generate.


  • In terms of lessons from this year, the expansion in league teams is good and we would want to maintain this and expand Fridays, as well as somehow utilise Thursday evenings as a club night. We still have a lot of club members wanting to take part in leagues, but could do with more team captains, especially as some captains are retiring after this season
  • As a reminder, to be a team captain
    • You don’t have to be the best player in the team. You just have to organise who is playing in which games, usually done once at the start of the season (takes a few hours at the beginning to contact the players and organise a rota)
    • Collect the entry fees from your team, to pass to me
    • Get a substitute if someone cannot play a game at the last minute (although I usually ask my team members to organise their own substitutes and only involve me if they cannot – which works well), and reorganise any missed matches
  • For those interested in joining a new league team next year, apart from one they are already in, I will put sign-up sheets on the noticeboard or you could email or phone me – ( or 07828 184090).


The results

The leagues were adjudicated as at the state of play when the leagues were stopped this year. The winning teams and captains were:

League                                              First (£20 prize)                               Runner up (£10 prize)

Monday Evening                             Rebels (Ian Dale)                             Bush Babies (Ann Dale)

Tuesday Afternoon                         Bobcats (Steve Gibson)                  Tigers (Sheila Mason)

Tuesday Evening                             Chelsea (Norman Chart)                Reading (Peter Judge)

Wednesday Evening                       Allsorts (Richard Salmon)              Vikings (Peter Twells)

Thursday Afternoon                       Sea Urchins (Kevin Keown)           Dolphins (Joan O’Neill)

Friday Evening                                 Greenside (Richard Salmon)         Starlets (Jean Staples)


New Members Coaching – Finally, just a thank you to Ann and Archie Dale, Ann Bamber, Sheila Cowmeadow and Alan Bushell for their support with the new member coaching sessions which ran this season


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  1. Dawn says:

    Totally agree, Ann. David has done a great job again and he’s also doing the outdoor leagues whenever they happen. Glutton for punishment!
    David reported that he and the family are all well and he has now run out of excuses for not doing all those DIY jobs!

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