Anyone Seen Any Swans & Bushbabies?

We were a bit bemused last night when the Swans and Bushbabies had taken a night off – maybe looking at a previous schedule. Or maybe the Swans were still celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s Jubikee down in Windsor whilst the Bushbabies were looking forward to a trip to Australia (with appropriate jabs and visas?!  Still, Vale & Rebelmasters played their league tie two weeks early, so it was not a big problem  Just odd!

I didn’t get up in time but, sadly, our GBR Curling Mixed Pairs lost 3-9 to Sweden in the Bronze medal match this morning  Such a shame for them, having beaten Sweden in the round robin and played so well in the semi  They must be disappointed to be so close  and not quite make the podium

I caught the Big Air skiing last night. These skiers are fearless like the snowboarders! It’s not a sport you can practice in the back garden or down the local leisure centre, so the passion for training and competing must be deep down in their minds and bodies.  What was lovely to see both yesterday and particularly with the girls’ snowboarding was the camaraderie and admiration of every competitor. Of course they know each other well, but it was brilliant to see the joy on all the faces even when one competitor had knocked another off the top spots after a particularly impressive manoeuvre.  A supportive team in an individual sport.

Gerry relived some speed skating memories with his photo popping up as well as ice dancing where he met his wife, Doreen, at Richmond Ice Rink. She was the expert in that discipline.  I don’t think that features properly until Valentine’s Day.

More skiing, speed skating and snowboarding, alpine skiing and cross country feature today around the Mixed Pairs Curling Final at midday where undefeated Italy play GBR’s conquerors, Norway.  It should be a good match.

For those members under the weather or recuperating from hospital stays, I hope you’re enjoying watching the Olympics while they’re on. Let us know what you like best and/or what you would have liked to do if you had had the opportunity .



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