Bank Holiday Monday – The Second of 2021

Yesterday’s match v Masonians resulted in a draw … from our perspective 2-2.  Masonians considered it a win for them with 69-67 shots across the board!

Wins for Gym, Gordon & Audrey and top rink for Sarah, Lucy & Kevin.  Congratulations!  The rest of us must try harder next time.

Alas the match v Ashford away tomorrow has been cancelled but Sunbury is still going ahead.  Not everyone likes playing away, but it’s good to play on a different green and learn how to adapt to different lines, pace etc.  If we don’t fulfil our away games, then those clubs might not want to come over and play us, resulting in less games.

Isle of Wight Ron had some good news on the medical front yesterday and, as a result, hot-footed onto a ferry across to the Isle of Wight so he can go ‘home’ for a few weeks.  Well done, Ron!

Anyone watch Line of Duty last night?  I haven’t watched this series, but several of my musical theatre friends said the final episode was rubbish but had be praising all the other episodes up until then.  What did you think?


Enjoy your Bank Holiday.  Umbrellas after 3.00 pm!

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