BBC 100 Years

Amazing to think that the BBC is only 1 year younger than Cambridge Park Bowls Club!

This week, it was good to see a review of children’s television shows from when they started and how they can influence children in their early lives. The Wombles of  Wimbledon Common were real eco, recycling warriors!  Did we ever realise how important their lifestyle was?


As a child of the 50’s, Watch with Mother in black & white was a real treat on week days which my brother and I eagerly looked forward to.

On Tuesdays,  Andy Pandy & Looby Loo didn’t do it for me but Teddy, ah, he was so lovely and my favourite. I wonder whether he triggered my love of bears and eventually led me to go on to design and make them?!

Picture Book was a favourite on a Mondays with the Jolly Sailors and Sausage Dog and Bill & Ben with “Ah slob-a-lob” and “Wee-ed” on Wednesdays.


Rag, Tag & Bobtail on Thursdays with all the babies and finally The Wooden Tops on Fridays with Spotty Dog, the twins and Mrs Scrubbit helping Mummy Wooden Top with the housework.

Cleaning and housework – maybe not the favourite chores around the house for most of us, but still necessary. The sales of cleaning products must have soared throughout the pandemic as we scrubbed and disinfected every surface within an inch of its life.

We have very nice cleaners at the club who come in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The kitchen doesn’t fall into their remit but, yesterday, our lively-and-much-more-colourful Karen knocked spots off Mrs Scrubbit as she took on the job of deep cleaning the kitchen before the Bangers & Mash arrived for last night’s event. A few hours later Bingo  – all clean and fresh!

Well done and thank you very much indeed, Karen!




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  1. Jean says:

    Karan is such a great asset to our Club ! What a wonderful gesture to take on cleaning the kitchen – she deserves a medal! Thank you so much Jean & Norman too says well done and many thanks Boss!! Xx

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