Becoming an Expert on Diving!

Anyone else watching the Olympics at the moment (8.00 am)?  Watching the diving and the battle between Tom Daley and the two Chinese rivals.  I’m studying the splash and helicopter ankles etc. whilst eating watermelon, which seemed appropriate!

Tom ended up with a Bronze medal.  He was really, really good, but those two Chinese competitors deserved the Gold and Silver medals.

The Women’s Modern Heptathlon was interesting.  Didn’t you heart go out to the German girl who just couldn’t get her horse to jump?  Claire Balding was talking about it last night.  The contestants only get 20 mins to “get to know” the horse on which they are riding.  That is an incredibly short time to build up any relationship with an animal for anything.    Your adrenalin running high but needing to be relaxed in body all the way down your spine and into your legs so as to keep the horse on your side.  Dismount the horse and run around a course shooting at specific targets before doing the end circuit.  Incredible having to change your mindset to each sector so quickly.  Well done to Kate French for her Gold medal.  Fantastic!

In the World Indoor Bowls Championships at Potters.  if any bowl goes within a foot of the jack, there’s lot of generous applause etc.  Anything outside of that foot receives stony silence which must be quite unnerving.  We are all armchair experts at all sports now!


This morning our ladies need to become on-green experts as we take on Bush Hill Park in the Middlesex Final of the National Top Club at 10.30 am at Ladygate BC.  We’ll have a tough match on our hands.  We were well beaten by Bush Hill Park in the Tony Allcock Mixed Double Fours yesterday so we’ll need to get that out of our heads and concentrate on finding the green really quickly.  Good luck girls!  Take waterproofs.

Sarah & Lucy also chose to avoid the medal podium yesterday, coming 4th in the Benevolent Triples with Teresa.  Well done anyway and thanks to Cathy T who did all the organising.

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