Need a New Job? What about Football?

£100 million per annum plus an undisclosed sum for his calves and I’m not referring to any farm stock!  I’m asking you footie fans?  Is anyone worth that much?   Actually, does anyone warrant that salary in any job?  I’d settle for considerably less and will have to do so!

Slap wrists – my salary is now reduced BY £999.9999999999999999!  I’ve given you mis-information.  Jean & Nadine are in the Middlesex Pairs Final at Ashford at 2.00 pm on Sunday, not 10.00 am.  That slot is reserved for the semi-finals of the Fours in which, alas, we are not represented.

This afternoon, if any of you fancy venturing across to West Ealing at 2.00 pm, our Tony Allcock Over 60’s Mixed Double Rink team is in action against Bush Hill Park.  As this is an area final of a National competition, it has to be on a neutral green.

Good luck to Steve G, Tricia, Norman, Jean, Corale, Gym, Laurence and Dawn for that match.

More cycling action in the velodrome yesterday.  The Omnium.  Well done to our man Matthew Walls on his Gold medal and the Bronze for Holly Bradshaw in the Pole Vault, the latter is much harder to practise at your home.  Lockdown must have been really difficult for athletes like her.  Her neighbour’s fence probably doesn’t reach those dizzy heights!

Well done to our Ladies Hockey team securing the Bronze medal this morning in the play off, beating India 4-3.

There’s still plenty of action in the athletics stadium and velodrome today as well as on the water.  The television is going to be on much less often next week although there is more action on the Thames from 11th-14th August with Henley Regatta.

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