Two Wins to Report

Laurence & Kevin sneaked in their Whisky Pairs on Tuesday evening.  Not sure who they played but congratulations, anyway.

Laurence was awarded his Full County Badge yesterday – well done!  He’ll have to find another Whisky partner next year, as will Kevin as they are now both badged.

Last night, a very, very tight game in the National Mixed Fours resulted in a 13-12 to Kevin, Gym, Sarah & Dawn.  It could have gone either way from being 2-7 down, we caught up to 7-7 then it was nip and tuck … 11-11, then 12-12 going into the final end.  West Ealing were holding 2 having nudged Sarah’s first bowl out into 3rd when Dawn played the shot Kevin requested plus an added bonus (first time I’ve done what I was told!) and took the jack back to hold 3.  Her brain and hand not processing Kevin’s next request then dropped one 3 yards short.   Doh!  Gym got his second bowl close when Craig came up split our two bowls which still kept us holding two but it was more open.  All down to the skips then!  Barry’s first bowl missed the head and Kevin brain-in-hand played Barry’s shot to come up to the head.  He knocked Craig’s bowl up by half a turn. Gulp.  Measure for shot!  After a very long discussion between the West Ealing team which gave us (well, mainly Kevin) a good idea that we were holding shot, Barry played his last bowl.  No change to the head.  Kevin and Gym took a good close look.  It was definitely close and definitely a measure.  Kevin took a deep breath, decided not to bowl and asked for a measure.  Lots of breath holding as Craig got down to measure.  Ours by about 1/8″.  Crikey!  Good call Kevin!  (It’s great having the youth with good eyesight on our side !)

It was a great match, worthy of a final, with the spectators having much shorter finger nails by the end.  Whatever the outcome had been, both teams could walk away heads held high.

Next round by 19th August will be against a Four from North London on a neutral green as it will be the Area final with the winners going off to the National Championships at Leamington

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