Wednesday 4th August

I had to change my original post from yesterday as it was sitting on my laptop unposted!  Doh!

Thanks to Kevin for scooping up a couple more players for the match v Imber Court yesterday afternoon.

There was a very good win for Ray, Laurence and Norman, a good win for Laurie and team and I understand Kevin’s narrowly lost out on completing the triple.  Well done everyone.

Usual 10.00 am 12.00 pm roll up this morning.

This evening (Wednesday) at 6.00 pm, Kevin, Gym, Sarah & Dawn take on Sue Butcher and team from West Ealing in the Middlesex Area Semi-final of the National Mixed Fours.  It will be tough!

Anyone got their bike out again, inspired by the GB teams and Jason Kenny?   8 Olympic medals.  Staggering.

It’s heartbreaking to know the millions of yen that have been spent on all the stadiums that have been built around Tokyo only to have minimal spectators allowed in.  Such a shame for all the competitors and the country’s economy.

Lots and lots of events on today from heptathlon and decatholon heats, hurdles, synchronised swimming, sailing and more

If you want to see what’s on, here’s a link  I expect there will be live events on the red button as well as catch up.


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