Blame it on the Media!

So, late again today with this post.

I received an email from the Chairman at 6.45 am saying Channel 5 were coming into the office this morning to do an interview regarding the latest news on “Don’t book a summer holiday abroad yet” that came out in the PM’s news briefing yesterday.

I had intended to re-do the retail window although I thought the Easter eggs could be good for another week, then decided perhaps it would be nice to re-decorate with swimming costume, towel, books etc. today.  Having re-done the window, raced around sanitising all the areas they were going to use, cleaned the outside windows, set up flowers, drinks in named glasses etc. etc., the Chairman rings to say Channel 5 had cancelled – 20 mins before the interview.  Huh!

We live in a stop-start-stop-start world in almost every industry these days!

As regards Cambridge Park, the coin counters (Ann M, Gerry & Beryl B) have already come forward and we won’t need any more of those on 14th, but there are other jobs – like painting/varnishing/oiling the benches some of which can be done sitting down, the table tops and chairs need cleaning or you can join one of the working parties and keep the banter going.  For Cathy’s Cottage, we’ll need someone saying “Up a bit on your corner, no, not that much.  Down a bit that side, left a bit, right a bit  ……”  etc. etc.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone as the next few weeks unfold, and if you just want a chat come along later in the morning on 14th and/or 16th and have a beer or a coffee between midday and 2.00 pm.  Jane will be serving drinks to your outside table (6 people per table) and you can pay by Membership Card, credit or debit card.

Has anyone seen the Cambridge Park flag?  Does it need darning or anything?

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