This Time Next Wednesday ….

… maybe most of you will still be in bed but as you move into consciousness from your sleep, you’ll be thinking about getting ready for joining a working party down at the Club.  At least I think that’s what you will be doing!

It’s bloomin’ cold this morning so I hope it’s a bit better next week.  However, the sun is shining today which is a good tonic, so wrap up warm and get out in the fresh air.  Apart from improving your mental wellbeing, it will help you adjust to re-joining the outside world and seeing people, albeit from a safe distance.  In Richmond yesterday lunchtime, quite a few shops had staff in as they start to get ready for next Monday’s opening.  It must feel so exciting anticipating real live customers in your shops again.  Good luck to all high street retailers and bowls shop owners!

When you go out, are you the one that makes the wide curve to avoid others or do you just be assertive and keep going?  Do you hold your breath when you pass someone coming the other way towards you and for at least 2m after they’ve passed?  I’ve found myself doing that!  People are still smiling at each other and passing the odd “good morning” comment and that’s such a good thing.  The pandemic has brought out some really good human qualities, despite the devastating effects and trauma it has left with thousands of families.

I’m stewarding at the vaccination centre at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre this afternoon, which is a new venue for me.  My previous sessions have been in Ealing which have been good fun so I hope this is the same.  I have enough clothes to represent a hi-viz Michelin man, in case I’m positioned outdoors!

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  1. Colin Hammond says:

    Hi Dawn
    Walked dog this morning, brrrr
    Just wondered when is Club open so I can collect my bowls and shoes from my locker ?
    Kind regards take care,
    Colin TBC

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