Chivalry is Not Dead!

As mentioned, I was stewarding at a vaccination centre yesterday – missed Terry M who was getting jabbed in the morning.  It wasn’t exactly busy.  Some people turned up at about 3 pm looking for any spare so they could be inoculated.  One of the ladies in charge of the centre told them to go away as it was too cold to wait outside and to come back nearer 7 pm when there might be some spare.  (There’s never more than 5 in any day)

Four of them returned at 6 pm.  Having stood there for over 5 hours, I can confirm it was pretty cold inside the building not just outside!  They were allowed to wait inside and there was a lot of action at 7 pm as the staff were getting ready to pack up.  3 vaccines left.  4 waiting.  The lady in charge explained there were only 3 vaccines.

The three men who were first to get there lined up.  The third – a youngish man who reminded me of my eldest son – was waiting near me to register.  I said “That was tough.  Only 3 vaccines for 4 people”  He said “Should I have let the girl have it?”  I just smiled and said “It depends on how chilvarous you feel.”  Without hesitation, he said “She should have it.” and went back before she left the building and told her she could go instead of him.

For someone who had waited so long in the cold, it was a truly selfless act.  The centre promised if there was spare tonight, he would be first in line, so it was great that his action had been recognised.

If the vaccination after effects went the sam way as with many of us, he will feel a lot better this morning than she will!

Another thing, his parents would have been very proud of his selfless action so well done that lad, whoever you are!

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