Christmas Eve – Morning Roll Up as Usual Today

Twas the morn before Christmas and all through the club

Not a creature was stirring, not there nor the pub.

The stockings were hung as in days of old

In the hope that Santa would fill them with bowls.

The bowlers were all snuggled tight in their beds

Whilst dreams of hotshots soared through their heads…..


When you awake from those dreams, I hope you manage to do all you need to do today.  At least most of you will have had the sprouts going on the hob since October, so they’ll be nicely done by tomorrow!  One job off the list!

Enjoy your Christmas Eve roll up.  I’m not sure if Dancer & Prancer will be there.  I know they made an appearance at the club recently.  Gordon will pour your last round of drinks at 1.45 pm and the club will closed from 2.00 pm until 11.00 am on Monday., when Ange’s Cottage Pie & Prosecco Bowls takes place. Bowls starts at 12.00 midday for a couple of hours followed by the meal – on well spaced out tables.


Christmas Eve – it’s getting lighter for a couple of minutes each day.  Hoo-bloomin’-ray!

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