Club Open Triples and Other Results

It was good to see the green full of club members yesterday morning, all up bright and breezy

Club Open Triples – Saturday 12/03/22

for the challenges ahead.  The teams were very strong across the board so we knew we all had to concentrate very hard if we were going to make it through to the semi-finals in the afternoon.

A triple of Dales (Ann, Ian & Graham) made a great comeback effort v Tricia, Barry & Teresa but didn’t quite get there by the final end.

Barry, Stella & Jacqui put up a valiant fight but lost out to Kevin K, Richard D & Peter J.  On rink 2, Laurie G, Tina & Mike took a win over Ann B, Wolfie & Scott, a match with lots of oohs and aahs as running bowls dic/dicn’t come off!; and Ange, Dave P & Dawn managed to beat Peter T, Andy H & Bob but it was a really tight game until a 5 on the 14th end (after two dead ends) put Dave’s team at an advantage. 

In the semi-finals, Laurie, Tina & Mike had a good win over Peter, Richard & Kevin K.  9 down with two ends to go was just too big an ask.  On rink 3, Tricia, Teresa & Barry played some great bowls but just didn’t get the rub of the green giving Ange, Dave & Dawn a comfortable win.

Lots of tired legs at the end of the afternoon.

Thanks to Ange for preparing the lunch with Lucy, Frances & Jacquie E getting everything laid our whilst we were still on the green.  Well done to Scott who gave Ange a big hand in clearing and washing up.  Thanks to Jane who kept players and spectators hydrated with various beverages.  Good to see Brian C, Dick & Di, Reg, Ann, Terry, Steve P and Nadine amongst the spectators during the day.

This morning (Sunday) sees a Ladies Open Pairs with Sarah & Lucy taking on Jacqui L & Stella S, whilst on an adjacent rink Ian D & Brian N battle it out for a place in the Men’s Singles Final v Peter J.  Later in the afternoon, Ann H & Wolfie play Teresa & Audrey in the Ladies Drawn Pairs.

On Friday, Teresa beat Ange 21-18 in the Club Singles; Tina went out 20-21 To Angela F in the Middleses Singles semi-final giving Mike a second nail-biter match to watch!  Back at CP Ann B & Dave P took a victory over Ann H & Peter J in the Mixed Drawn Pairs to reach the final.  They play the winners of Scott & Ange v Lucy & Graham.

Teams for Wednesday’s Mixed Friendly v Egham are up on the board.  Kevin K is captain.

Ann B is sorting out the teams to play Ember on Sunday 20th, once we know if it’s 3 or 4 triples.  The teams will be emailed out.  This leaves one more mixed friendly v Teddington on Saturday 26th March.

On 1st April, Peter T is calling out the BIngo numbers (hope he wasn’t watching Jack Whitehall doing that in the US!) – a goodly number have signed up – just under 50 and we’re happy for more!  Ann M is still selling  tickets for the raffle for Cancer Research and Jane has some behind the bar when that is open and Ann isn’t around.

Saturday 2nd/Sunday 3rd April is Finals Weekend and Ange will publish the schedule once all the semi-finalss have been played.

Advance warning that Jacquie & Ange are heading up to Pershore with bowls that need re-stamping.  Please let either of them know if you have bowls that need to go.  And on 8th May (when the Middlesex Ladies Trials on on) Bowlswear Direct will be bringing their Roadshow to Cambridge Park, so a chance to stock up on supplies.

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