Competition Updates

Tonight (Thursday) at 5.00 pm sees the Middlesex Mixed Fours Semi-Final between Tina, Mike, Tricia & Steve v Ange, Dawn, Ian & Peter T. Should be a tight game!

Andy H plays Dave Pitt in the semi final of the Middlesex Singles – no date advised as yet.

Club competitions are nearly all at semi-final or final stages. Results as of Monday 07/03

Men’s Singles: Peter J v Brian N or Ian D

Men’s Challenge: Steve Harbud v Kevin K or Andy H

Men’s Open Pairs: a bit behind!

Men’s Drawn Pairs: Dave W & Laurence v Tony Briden & Ron B; Gordon & Scott v Dave P & Peter C

Two Bowl Singles: Peter J v Kevin K; Peter T v Dave P or Dave R

Ladies Singles: Ann H v Tina ; Ange v Teresa

Ladies Challenge: Ann B v Stella S

Ladies Open Pairs: Ange & Dawn v  Tina & Ann H; Sarah & Lucy v Jacqui & Stella S

Ladies Drawn Pairs: Jacqui & Dawn v Ann H & Wolfie or Audrey & Teresa

Mixed Pairs: Ann B & Peter J v Barry & Teresa or Ange & Dave P

Mixed Drawn Triples: Ange, Scott & Peter T v Ray V (Alasdair subbed in first round), Lucy & Dave P

Mixed Open Triples: to be decided this Saturday!


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