It wasn’t a good week for Fours as both Kevin K’s men’s four and Ange’s Ladies’ Four came second in our matches against Dave Pitt and Kylie Jenkin’s teams.

The three Ts (Tina, Tricia & Teresa) are battling out their triples against Egham (again!) tonight so we hope they come out on top!

Ann B and Dawn had to defer their National 2 Bowl Singles as Ann fell and sprained her ‘bowling’ thumb.  She’s resting it between icing and tens-ing to give her the best chance of playing tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, it’s the BIG game for the ladies.  We have had good wishes from Kevin K, Peter T, Norman, Jean, Nadine, Jane, Roy E, Sue Apperly, Paul Darius, Mary Ball, Mandy Simpson and others who can’t make the day out. There’s still room on the coach if you would like to join us.  07.50 am at Cambridge Park at the latest!   You should be able to buy your breakfast at Mote Park as the caterers will be there all day.

We wish Sheila Stocker good luck as her club, Arun, play the Isle of Wight.  The winners of that match will play the winners of our match.

If you can’t spare a whole day, the two P’s – Peter J & Peter T – will be playing their 2019/20 Club Two-Bowl Singles Final at 10.00 am tomorrow and Kevin K has another competition at midday.

Of course, on Sunday, the club will be busy with the rest of the 2019/20 Club Finals.  Busy, busy, busy!


Stay safe, warm and well!


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