CP Updates and Monday World Bowls

Mixed bag of results as we did better when we were playing other teams from Cambridge Park!  Tina, Teresa & Tricia had a very close triples against Sarah, Lucy & Ann on Friday afternoon.  They now await the winners of Ann H, Di & Dawn who are playing another team from Egham on Saturday 14th.

Di & Ann B had another close match on Sunday morning when they managed to beat Sarah & Lucy in the National Pairs by 5 shots.  They now face Kylie & Doreen at Egham in the next round.

Kevin K, Laurence & Gym went down to Steve G, Norman & Ian by 5 shots in the National Men’s Triples on Saturday morning.  They now play John Donaghue & co from Hounslow.

Dawn lost 18-21 to Kylie in the National Singles.

Dave P, Norman, Ian D & Steve G had a really, really close match v Camberley in the London & Southern Counties Fours with it being neckand neck the whole way, with Camberley being ahead after 17 ends by just one shot 9-7.  It squared up to 10-10 but Camberley had a ‘purple’ 21st end which our boys couldn’t match losing by 4.  Brilliant effort though.

Sarah, Ann B & Karen & Dawn were outbowled by Kerry, Wolfie, Lou & Amanda D at Egham in the Ladies Fours on Sunday night.  We were just not on our A or B game.  The Egham four, particularly Lou and Amanda played very well, putting all four of us under pressure on almost every end.   

Sometimes, if you win a few ends and put the jack up yourself, it’s easier to find a rhythmn but it wasn’t to be.  Hats off to Karen who played a sparkler of a draw, doubling our score after 11 ends!  We threw the towel in when there was not a cat in hell’s chance of picking up at least a 3 on the final 6 ends!

In Club Comps, Barry & Teresa had a good win v Steve P & Stella K and Kevin K & Gym had a solid win v Kevin L & Gordon, although there was definitely a good scrabble back into the game by the latter two.

More fun and games this week with Nationals and club comps.  The Middlesex Comp Draws should be out very soon, so we can have a go at those!

There were some good games in the World Bowls.  Did you manage to watch any of them?

Today’s schedule below:


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