Cracking Singles in the Summer Evening

It is a beautiful summer evening with the sun bathing the surrounds of the green in warm, peaceful sunlight.

half a dozen of us are watching a Club Singles between Kevin Conway and Anthony Headland. It was neck and neck for the first 14 ends with Anthony sneaking ahead for the first time 8-7.  15 shots over 14 ends. That tells what sort of game it is.
Anthony increased his lead to 17-11 after 25 ends. Yes 25 ends!  Peter Chapman is marking and he was expecting to be home by now (19:20) and finishing off his supper. No chance!

Kevin had been holding 3 on that 25th end when Anthony snuck his 4th bowl in for shot. Then one head and shoulders dropped and the other stood proud and became more confident!

Well done Anthony. Hard luck Kevin. It really was a great match. 21-11 on paper.

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