Day 11 – Tier 2

Update on George H.  He’s still in West Middlesex, but alas no visitors allowed apart from his daughter.  Please send him some positive thoughts.

Yesterday’s breakfast radio show was talking about electric blankets.  Have you got one?  Do you used to have one and don’t bother now?  Are hot water bottles more your thing?

As a child, I moved from hot water bottle to electric blanket and eventually to a microwaveable wheat bag.  I no longer have a microwave but I have an electric throw which, on top of the duvet after an hour, just takes the chill off the sheets.  It’s not cold enough yet to move to the winter duvet or put the throw on but I’m sure it won’t be long!

What’s your preference?

By the way, the sun is shining this morning if you haven’t stuck your head out of the window yet.  Hooray!

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