Day 12 – Tier 2

As no one is admitting to an electric blanket, I’ll go back to bowls.  Namely the English Bowls Coaching Coaching Scheme Handbook from 1980.

The Shots of the Game

The draw shot has a numer of valutaionts – position; trail; rest; block; yard-on; wick 

(Apparently you don’t admit to playing a ‘fluke’ shot but just apologise!)

The Rest Shot:

This is a draw shot played with slightly increased pace so that you ‘rest’ your opponent’s bowl from a favourable position and occupy that position with your own bowl.  Your incoming bowl must punch your opponent’s aside or forward but remain still in the favourable position.

You hve to apply just the right amount of force to your bowl to play this shot well.  Your target is your opponent’s bowl and working back from it, you must establish the corregt line of delivery and the correct shoulder.  Good folllow through along the line of delivery will help our accuracy and ensure that your bowls is delivered with sufficient pace.

‘Tap and lay” or ‘rest this bowl out’ seem to be the instructions at Cambridge Park.  It is a very useful shot and you can watch several members play this very successfully at the club (when we’re all playing that is).  It’s a good shot to practise on your own too (in current playing times).

The Glossary of Bowling Words is quite interesting in the little handbook and I shall save those for another day.

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