Day 26 – National Lockdown Countdown – Sunny Saturday

I seem to have been out all day so apologies that this come so late in the day, although I am sure you’re not all sitting around waiting to see what pops up next.

Hasn’t the weather been brilliant today?  It wasn’t busy in Richmond at 9.00 am but I have just returned from walking through Syon Park around Brentford Lock and back and there are lots of people out walking, on bikes and in groups of more than 2 – how does that work out under current restrictions?  Is it me?

The outdoor green looked lovely and most of the worms must still have been in bed by the lack of multiple worm casts and birds, although it was about 8.30 am.  I presume the indoor green looks the same as it always does.  Shame we can’t have closer look with bowls!


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