Day 3 – National Lockdown Countdown – Green and Getting Greener?

Trevor was busy working on the outdoor green on Saturday.  It looks very good indeed – getting into shape for the Centenary in 2021. Thank you, Trevor.   In place of the odd squirrel or crow that likes to visit, we had a passing balloon on Sunday morning.

As the trees shed the last of their leaves, there is still an opportunity for anyone who would like a bit of physical exercise removing leaves from the ditches and/or removing  moss from between the flag stones. Don’t do more than 30 minutes though as it’s back breaking!

Talking of trees, I know a lot of you watch Countryfile.  Their “Plant Britain” sounds a great idea.  We have space around the inside perimeter where maybe some trees could be planted?  When the green opened in 1921, there were rhododendrum bushes all around, so we’re looking at some of those, but maybe the green fingered amongst you could have a think at what else we could plant that would help to conserve our planet as well as enhance the club ground.  A flowering cherry or a ‘tulip’ magnolia are a couple of my favourites.

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