Day 6 – National Lockdown Countdown – Happy Birthday Ann M!

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Cambridge Park Fundraising from all of us!

We hope you have a good day, Ann, and the weather stays dry enough for you to walk along St Margaret’s Terrace and feed the ducks, but wrap up warm!  Be sure to be back in time for tea though as it looks as if Norman might be making you a cake or scones!!  (See CP’s Facebook page)

Kevin and Maureen K are both well and finding this long lockdown dragging.  Just 6 days to go until we have a little bit more freedom!

Kevin is looking forward to getting back on the golf course 3 days a week but in the meantime is sticking to his 45 minute brisk walk and reports that George from Strawberry Hill is well and also Gym was pedalling towards Kevin on the Chertsey Road.  No collision reported!

I see Ange and Des have commented on the football players.  What about all you loyal Brentford supporters?  You know a lot about football.  Let’s have your comments!

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