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  • Firstly, I must congratulate Ann Dale for completion of her first NHS worker’s headband  -nice  and  cheerful  too.  Keep  going!
    Ann’s First NHS Worker’s Headband

    Instructions are below and I will email them out too.  Thanks, Ann.  We will find a contact at Teddington Hospital for them.

    Cut a piece of cotton fabric 16.5” x 6”

    Sew along the long edge on the wrong side to make a tube. Press flat, then trim the end to make a point leaving 1.5 gap to turn at both ends.  For this I found it was easier to make a template for the end so that you have a ready make pattern for the point for future bands

    . Decide what size you are making, I measured my own head,  therefore if your band needs to be 21.5 “ your fabric is 16.5” so your elastic needs to be 5”. Insert elastic and secure firmly.

    Fold the band in half and on the inside make a small dart at the centre point to shape for the forehead.

    Sew on the buttons about .5” from the elastic.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Good Luck!

  • Secondly, on a sadder note.  We lost one of my colleagues overnight to the dreaded virus.  He battled so hard right to the end and never lost his since of humour when replying to texts right up to last Saturday before he had to be moved to sedation and a ventilator.   We were so sure he would make it, but he is no longer struggling and for that we must be thankful.   He leaves a wife and two teenage boys, so please spare a thought for them.  I cannot imagine what are they are going through.
  • Strawberry Hill also lost one of their older members – Alan Hillman – and our thoughts go out to his family as well as his team members.  He was playing against us in the ‘recent’ match indoors – February, was it?  Seems such a long time ago.
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