Better Late than Never!

Apologies if you logged on earlier.  It’s been somewhat manic at work, so taking a quick break for lunch now.

Following on from yesterday’s post, thanks to Shiley O and Ann D, if you Google “Love of Scrubs YouTube”,  you should see various tutorials on making drawstring bags, headbands and ‘scrubs’ if you have the abiity to do any of those.  If you are struggling to find fabric elastic or buttons etc, please let me know.

Pop over to our Facebook page and you’ll see that Norman & Jean are trying to compete in the 2020 Olympics in their back garden!  It was hockey yesterday.

I see Captain Tom is up to just over £13.5 million for the NHS.  Brilliant that the support is there from thousands of people.

Not everyone can give financial support because of various circumstances, but tonight at 8.00 pm, you can join us in applauding the NHS, the carers, the support staff and key workers all putting themselves in the front line for the nation’s benefit.  It’s such an emotional thing but maybe because we’re doing it together for others.

In the meantime please stay safe, stay well and save the NHS!


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