Local Challenge?

I was listening to the radio this morning about Captain John and his 100 mile walk around his garden for the NHS to coincide with his 100th birthday.  His original £1,000 target  was surpassed when he was interviewed on Good Morning Sunday on Radio 2 and his daughter was interviewed on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast Show this morning and the total has now soared to over £5 million – how amazing is that?

Three and a bit weeks into the lockdown and the networking and support between us has been really, really good and we need to keep this up.

BUT, can we now do something for others in our community?  Ange has offered to cook and deliver a portion (or two portions) of Lasagne for delivery on Sunday for £1.50 for any of the members who would like one.  If you don’t want one, is there a(n) NHS worker in your road that might like a portion of home cooked food once a week?

Do you know anyone in a local care home?  Can we do anything to help them?  My sister-in-law in North Yorkshire is involved in a scheme for making drawstring bags into which medical scrubs can be ‘stuffed’ (for want of a better word) after a shift, then the whole bag goes into the washing machine.  I spoke to a consultant paediatrician I know and she said at the hospitals the scrubs are taken on and off and washed at the hospital but she thought local care homes might find them useful.  Have you got a sewing machine?  If I get dimensions, is this something some of you could do?  There might be some curtains in the club shop that could be cut up.  Please give me some feedback on this and any other suggestions.

Bags for Scrubs!

We can always invite NHS and key workers down to enjoy an Open Day at the club when lockdown is lifted, but is there anything practical we can do to help them now?  We are helping considerably by Staying in, Staying Safe and Saving the NHS, so that is excellent.  I think maybe we could help further?

Please let me know dawnslaughter60@icloud.com



PS  Don’t forget to phone-a-friend-a-day and wash those hands – Happy Birthday ……!

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  1. Shirley Oakes says:

    Hi Dawn,

    I’m becoming a habit I know but in the same vein as the drawstring bags I have received an appeal from Teddington Hospital asking if people could make Headbands for nurses to wear. After many hours of wearing face masks their ears get very sore. The idea is there will be two buttons each side of the band for the elastic to go over instead of the ears. Any bit of fabric would do including old tee shirts I’m told.
    If there is anyone who would like to have a go the Link is : http://www.youtube.com.watch to have a look at.
    All hospitals I believe would appreciate these Headbands

    Thanks Dawn

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Hi Shirley.
      You are definitely a good habit! That’s a great idea and it’s local too!
      Ann D has offered to make bags. I’m just waiting for dimensions.

      • ronald raymond clements says:

        has some one who has just been in hospital a over night stay only this week. it was at west mid. I saw at first hand how hard they are all working . and they still all were so kind and smile all the time how they manage to stand the things that they wear ie. masks and coverals for their shifts I only had a mask on for the time in and it was so uncomfortable . I think that if this virus does come to a end then the Nhs staff should all be give a medal and a big wage rise

        • Dawn Slaughter says:

          Well said Ron. I agree with you.
          Glad to hear you managed to get in and out of hospital quickly too. Laurence filled me in.

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