Early Tuesday Post or Posting Early for Tuesday or Early Post for Tuesday

It’s one of those three subjects as it’s Monday evening and not Tuesday morning!

Alas, Jean and her team couldn’t find it at Fordbridge Park this afternoon going down to Liz Dutton’s Four..

I’m not sure if they were lucky or not as, when we arrived at Bishop Duppas, it had just started raining.   By the 5.00 pm start time, it looked like this and then got worse!

We had to paddle in 3-4″ of water to get into the clubhouse for a very welcome cup of tea and piece of cake and to find a new date.  Fortunately, we were given to permission to play up to the next round date so Friday 23rd was selected at Bishop Duppas.

No news from Jacquie or Ann H’s teams yet.

The Ladies’ Triples match v Bishop Duppas on Tuesday has been cancelled.  We could get 2 triples out then a third triple with men, but BD wanted to keep it as ladies only.

Sarah & Lucy take to the green at 6.00 pm – Good luck!

On Thursday, Laurence plays Phil Sutcliffe from Brentham at CP at 6.00 pm in the National Senior Singles – Middlesex Area Semi-final.  Good luck to Laurence too!

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