Suncream, Sunhats and Sunglasses to the Fore!

Here we go.  Two weeks of really sunny, hot weather.  Summer has arrived and no doubt by the weekend we’ll be saying “It’s too hot!”

It’s a bit of a change from Monday’s tropical deluge.

Congratulations to Sarh & Lucy who won their Over 55 Pairs last night.  They play at Ashford v Marion B on Friday in the quarter-final.

Also playing on Friday is Kevin L having won his first round of the Middlesex Championships.  I’m not sure how Laurence and Dave P got on as the draw hasn’t been updated on the MCBA website yet.

Good luck to all our girls playing the MIddlesex County Special Match at Fordbridge Park today.

Remember to take plenty of water with you when  you go out today.  It’s a habit worth getting into as well as keeping your face covering handy!

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