Egham Excel by 1! And Falaise BC Update

A very tight game on Wednesday afternoon v Egham. 2-2 on rinks (wins for Gym & Laurie’s teams and runners up for Kevin K Pete T’s teams).  Well done to all who played.

Today, the Middlesex Tourists have come to Falaise IBC. We are a bit earlier than the club expected so are killing time over cups of tea.

When I was a brand new bowler, Cambridge Park came away on tour outdoors down to this area and I came down to watch them playing here. It was a glorious sunny day (like today) and my shins got sunburned!  I can’t remember if CP won or not

I don’t think the green will be ready for them this year. What a shame BUT I think the first two shots are the old greens and the third one is the new outdoor 3 green (18 rinks) facility.


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