EIBA Competition Entries 2021

The link should take you to the EIBA Competition Form for next indoor season.

Named Entrant Competition Entry Form A Inc International

All entries submitted for 2020/21 are being carried over, so you only need to complete a form for changes or new entries.

The Middlesex Indoor competition entry fees were re-imbursed, so there will be new forms for those at some point.

Hopefully outdoor County competition dates will go up soon

Did you know if  you have had both doses of vaccines, you’ll be welcome in Cyprus from 1st May?  However, we’re not allowed to travel for leisure before 17th May.  If you want to escape as soon as you can, check out Cyprus!  Greece will also welcoming UK tourists as soon as we can travel.  Sunvil, who have sponsored us in the past, would welcome you checking out their website  sunvil.co.uk

Kew Gardens was slightly disappointing yesterday but that was probably as much to do with the cold weather as anything else and no sun.  Today is better!

There were definitely more daffodils out than a fortnight ago and the bluebells will be fantastic in a month’s time.  The Camelias gave the best show.  There were more of those than other flowers but still a whole host to come out as the weeks go on.



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