Five Months More ….

Don’t worry, I won’t be ruining another song – if there is one called Five Months More!

If we’re playing from now until the end of September, that means 5 months of outdoor bowling.  Let’s hope that North East wind disappears soon!

Now, HUGE apologies to Ann M, who organised a raffle on Saturday and I completely omitted to mention her in  yesterday’s post.  With her lovely hampers, Ann raised a magnificent £166 for the Club from our members and for our members too!  Well done to Ann and Margaret who folded up all the tickets for the draw.  David Pitt shared his prize cakes with us yesterday.

David H is going great guns with the Monday afternoon league teams and now has 8.  It might mean the start date is now 17th May rather than 10th, but we should all remember 17th as it’s the next roadmap date and indoor bowls should be able to start again in some form.

Put an extra jumper on when you go out.  Lovely in the sun.  Very chilly in the shade!

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  1. Ange says:

    Hi All,
    Thank you so much for coming along and trusting the system!

    Yes great effort from our social sec /superstar at raising funds! No one can get away.. Including chasing me!! Not that I did not want to contribute but my mind and body wasbusy … for some reason?? She was on it!!!

    As usual Dawn gives no credit, recognition for her effort……pudding!! I will never compete, she’s is the boss in this area as she has been throughout lockdowns!. We owe her a huge THANK YOU for a totally consistent effort. Let’s say so!

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