Well we’ve been back on the green a few days now.  Are you enjoying it?  How are your muscles?  I hope they’re not aching too much!

The green was playing very well on Saturday – more like the speed of an end May green.  Maybe this will encourage a few indoor bowlers to come and have a go outdoors with a chance to top up the old Vitamin D levels?

The news this morning that even after the first dose of vaccine, you are unlikely to pass the virus on to your family and people to whom you are close is wonderful.  We hope that India in particular can get the programme rolled out there and curb the horrific spread of the virus.  Spare a thought for the famlies and the medical teams battling so hard in such a traumatic time.

Yesterday, I was stationed outside the vaccination centre welcoming people as they arrived.  There were nearly 500 through the door over the day, which was fantastic.  There were still a few who were unsure about getting the vaccination.  If you haven’t had your first dose and are worried about the negative press, please go along for your appointment and ask the vaccinator about your concerns.  Whatever you want to ask, there is no doubt that someone since December has asked the same question and also no doubt that someone today, tomorrow and any time over the next 6-12 months will ask a similar question.  The vaccinators are medically trained and can give you any advice and re-assurance you need.

We had a few turn up on spec and we were allowed to let 42 year olds and older enter without an appointment.  There were half a dozen or so who didn’t look old enough so, having delicately asked their age, my additional comment “Because if you’re 42 or over, I want to know what face cream you are using!” seem to go down well with a lot of laughter and confession that they were only in their 30s!  Alas, they had to be turned away to await their turn over the next few weeks.   No one was offended or aggressive towards us or grumpy.  Just accepting.

The ethos behind the whole team at the centre is “Be kind”.  Two little words.  If we all actioned this whether it be at the vaccination centres, in shops, in clubs, in pubs etc. wouldn’t the world be a better place?  Human kindness has made an immense improvement since the first lockdown in March 2020.  Let’s do our bit to keep it going and going and going well past 21st June.

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