Friday 8th May – It’s VE Day! Updated with RBL Standard Bearer in Hampton – click on the link

Firsltly, Happy Birthday to Susie R!  Lots of love from all of us  Susie is too young to remember VE Day but some others do …

From Beryl BThe only thing I remember is I had 3 older sisters and a younger brotherbeing excited that our Dad who was in the RAF was coming home for good.

From Shirley O: Tony was born in 1933 in Teddington and has vivid memories of sitting on a wall outside the Kings Head pub in Teddington and watching people celebrating, he will endeavour to sit on that same wall tomorrow. His road had a great big bonfire in the middle of the road which melted the tarmac and to this day you can still see the ‘burn’ marks. He can remember being thrilled to see the streets lit up with street lighting as until then there was blackout. What has never left him is the sound of ‘sirens’ which makes him go cold with fear and dread.

What a memory and I hope that Tony gets to sit on that wall and remember the celebrations and not the sirens.

What are doing?  Having a BBQ at home?  A virtual tea party?  Singing “We’ll Meet Again” at 9.00 pm tonight?  Whatever  you’re doing, remember the 2 minute silence at 11.00 am and this evening raise your tea, wine, gin, whatever in memory of those who gave us the chance for a life of freedom, despite being currently in lockdown!  Cheers, everyone!



PS  If you have ordered/would like to order a portion of Ange’s Beef Stifado, please give her  your postal address  This will be her FINAL cook and delivery, so make the most of it!  She has 14 portions on order already!


Image was taken from a friend’s Facebook post.

Off to make some scones before work!.  Wonder if the Coop has any Clotted Cream?

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  1. Kevin Keown says:

    Thanks for providing the link to the RBL Twickenham Standard presentation which took place in our former Branch Chairman’s John Evans, front garden in Whitton in the presence of our current Branch Chairman, his wife, Maureen and I, John’s wife and several of their neighbours. The two minute silence was observed by all.

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