Bank Holiday Weekend Chinese Whispers

Just one more day before the Bank Holiday weekend. Weyhey!  Where are you going?  The bedroom? The kitchen? The garden?!

Despite the Chinese Whispers that seem to be going around, I’m afraid there are no roll ups this weekend even though the weather forecast is pretty good.

We are waiting for government guidance (it is hoped that golf, tennis and angling might be released from lockdown restrictions soon)  and we are working on plans with a full Risk Assessment by a qualified Healthcare Professional to be submitted to the Board in order that we can arrange bowling in some form for members.  It will only work if the Proposal and Risk Assessment is approved by the Board first,  and then members adhere to the quitre strict regime.    So keep an eye on the website and we’ll update you as soon as we can.

Believe me, we want to get you and us back bowling as soon as we can, but it needs to be done safely as we have your best intereests at heart.


PS If the suggestions for easing lockdown given out on the radio this morning are true, this would be so good for all of us – mentally and physically.  Let’s wait for Sunday’s PM broadcast.

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